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Has the Family Evolved into a Better Form or
Has it Foundered upon the Rock of Modernism?

The Concept of Family
by Paul Dennis Sporer

Over the course of many generations, the concept of family has served a vital function in every community. It has always had the power to transform a household, from a mere collection of persons, into a healthy, solid base from which individuality can naturally spring forth. Family stands as a vanguard in civilized society, and in fact, it is the only place where consideration, respect, and mutual reliance can effectively interact to create a nurturing environment. The loss of support within the childhood home can lead to potentially devastating consequences later in life, due to poorly conceived attitudes about relationships. The Concept of Family, by Paul Dennis Sporer, is a valuable contribution to the field of family studies. Through a comprehensive investigation, this work reveals many of the most overlooked issues concerning family life. In his research, Sporer has discovered, that contrary to popular opinion, people living before the modern age were morally stronger and more individualistic than in our time, and men and women were able to co-exist harmoniously with each other in happier relationships. Sporer concludes that, even in an environment where there are many failed relationships resulting from immaturity and selfishness, there are still effective ways to find a marriage partner without compromising moral principles or personal goals. To this end, the dynamics of companionship must be adequately assimilated in childhood, so that, as adults, men and women can apply this wisdom to the family that they will establish. It is indeed difficult to bring into reality the ideal relationship that one holds in the mind, but The Concept of Family facilitates the realization of this elusive image of fulfillment by revealing what lies behind the great intrinsic need for genuine respect and considerate behavior.

Paul Dennis Sporer is the author of several books, including Dimensions of Companionship; Equal but Different; and Liberating Love. He has also edited more than 30 culturally and historically significant books, including Painting Explained, by Thomas Gullick; Is Secession Treason?, by Albert Bledsoe; The French at Home, by Albert Rhodes; From Slave Cabin to Pulpit, by Peter Randolph; Newer Ideals of Peace, by Jane Addams; Views of Old Europe, by Bayard Taylor; Gentle Measures, by Jacob Abbott; The New Birth, by Austin Phelps; The Missionary, by Samuel Mazzuchelli; and Born Three Times, by Thomas L. Johnson.

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