Anza Publishing, an independent publishing firm, has a well-considered list of titles aimed at a neglected market, that of the intelligent reader. Anza Publishing strives to provide in its books precisely the attributes that the discerning literary connoisseur wants more than anything else -- honesty, authenticity, and insight. Through extensive effort we have assembled outstanding books written by notable and well-received authors, who hold intelligent points of view. These authors speak directly to readers, giving them fresh, intelligent perspectives on the issues that really matter. They do not compromise and are not afraid to challenge conventional ideas.

We offer hardcover and softcover editions in a wide variety of areas such as art, history, travel, biography / memoirs, mystery, civil war, and historical fiction. Our books also cover the academic and scholarly areas of humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, political science, and religious studies. In addition, these attractive books are issued at a good price and are easily available. We have a strong ambition to provide the finest literature, and to give anyone interested in great gooks the opportunity to enjoy reading once again.

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