Who We Are

Anza Publishing is an independent publishing firm that provides specialized books aimed at a totally neglected market, that of the discriminating book lover. We deliver diversified titles to meet the most sophisticated taste, yet our books are also easy to comprehend and enjoy. Although we are a "small publisher", there is nothing small in our ambition to provide the finest literature, beautifully packaged, reasonably priced, and easily available. The idea is simple: Everyone should be given the opportunity to encounter great literature once again. We appreciate you taking the time to examine our website. You might also download our free catalogue, using the link found on the left.

The ideas, concepts, and values that drive our publishing program.

Social Responsibility
A publisher's role in contributing to the improvement of society and culture.

The highest standards are used in selecting, editing and developing books.

Purchase Information
Pertinent details on the sale and distribution of our books.

Resources and Solutions
Information on alternate means to obtain our books.