Our Authors

Anza Publishing produces books that speak to today's generation of sophisticated readers. Our titles cover a broad range of subjects; areas include autobiography, history, religion, sociology, political science, psychology, dramatic fiction, satire, mystery, and science fiction. But a book is more than just an area of interest; it is the product of an individual's experiences, knowledge, thoughts, reflections, ideals and aspirations.

Consequently, to provide the most compelling books, we often seek out authors who are in an unusual historical or social "location". Not only does this assure objectivity, but it provides a fresh perspective on the subject matter. These authors supply many intriguing answers to some of the most crucial issues that confront mankind. We should hear what they have to say about age-old problems in such areas as civil rights, parenting, government, industry, or religion. Moreover, these writers show sensitivity in their contribution to the culture of the West, usually writing in a beautiful language that they hoped would do justice to the important topics that they discussed.

Discerning readers deserve to discover the keys that unlock the mysteries of life. Whether they are students of culture, alternative thinkers, or just looking for something invigorating, these readers will value the book that gives them that brilliant, honest, incisive approach that stands out from the rest. Anza Publishing hopes that its books meet the standards of these discriminating readers.