Anza Publishing strives to be a leader in producing high quality books for all types of interest. We present a wide variety of themes, but all are linked by a deep concern for the most meaningful concepts of life, namely truth, justice, virtue, equanimity, and the strength of human will.

Humanities & Society
A broad range of richly edifying studies about relationships, marriage, communities, organization, and education, that teach valuable lessons about human nature and the dynamics of society, both in the past and the present day.

History & Tradition
Intelligent and educated observers, living in unique historical periods, provide immensely insightful and detailed accounts containing fascinating descriptions and penetrating analyses of events, cultures, civilizations and traditions.

Mature, inspiring and reasonable discussions concerning individual spiritual development and integration, in relation to the growth of a personal set of intellectual, emotional, moral and ethical values.

Political Science
Highly insightful books that give the reader a greater understanding of wide-ranging political trends and forces in society, and how they affect social behavior through groups, cultures, customs, and practices.

Art & Aesthetics
Literate experts deliver outstanding insight into little-known but genuinely useful artistic techniques, principles, and theories, with a further examination of the intriguing personalities who stand behind the artwork.

Fiction & Drama
Genuinely interesting books that allow the reader to discover, through beautifully written, enriching prose, an impressive array of historical and allegorical worlds, inhabited by characters who are exciting and profound, complex and engaging.