Arthur Jerome Eddy

Arthur Jerome Eddy (1859-1920) was a well-known public figure in Chicago, whose book, Incident of Travel, originally published anonymously, contains his incisive, thoughtful, and sometimes controversial, observations of American life. Eddy was active in many areas, especially that of art. He had his likeness captured in a portrait by famous artist James McNeill Whistler, and this painting is an appropriate tribute to a man who was known for his support of Modern art through lectures and articles, especially on the subjects of Post-Impressionism and the Cubists. He also collected art that spanned early 20th-century avant-garde painting and printmaking. Although as a lawyer he did not have all the money he needed to indulge his tastes, he is still often grouped with other much wealthier collectors, such as John Quinn, Alfred Stieglitz, Walter Arensberg, and Albert C. Barnes. Eddy also corresponded with many notable artists of his day.

Books by Arthur Jerome Eddy Published in a New Edition:

An Incident of Travel

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