William Bacon

William Bacon (1803-1879) was a 19th century writer, educator, and pastor who specialized in topics related to family life. His main work, Parental Influences, was published originally by Miller, Orton & Mulligan. Bacon, as a clergyman, believed many parents needed a work that would assist them with the task of instilling Christian morals and virtues in their children. The influential author considered his work on the subject to possess a more comprehensive view than other similar publications previously presented to the public. Bacon felt that those who had read some of the other parental literature might also profit from the concise but original perspective of his own work; it might give them a deeper understanding of the parent's role in family life, and it might bring to mind and reinforce those positive concepts which they have learned already. The original edition elicited many warm recommendations from colleagues, such as from the Theological Seminaries of New Albany and Auburn, who commented that the work was: "judiciously and ably handled", "eminently practical", "full of sound and important ideas", "valuable and timely and plainspoken instruction".

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Parental Influences

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