Book Description

An Authoritative Investigation of the Fundamental
Factors That Affect the Decision to Marry

Liberating Love
by Paul Dennis Sporer

There is only one place in a civilized society where men and women can see the various ideals about life effectively balanced, and that is in the intimate relationship of marriage. The path to matrimony starts with friendship, but an essential mutual commitment must then occur that deepens the relationship, and takes it from the merely mundane into the transcendent. The love that begins in courtship will find completeness in a partnership that is characterized by devotion, truthfulness, and empathy. Therefore, by marrying, men and women make the deliberate choice to forego some aspects of their former life with the hope of achieving greater happiness by sharing everything with another person. Yet, the decisions that have to be made on this path are sometimes difficult, and the individual may be unable to find advantageous direction and guidance. Liberating Love, by Paul Dennis Sporer, is a unique book that examines the inspired process of building relationships from an historical standpoint, with step-by-step coverage of an ideal marriage, from initial friendship, to weighing social, economic, and emotional variables, to securing lasting mutual enhancement. Thus, the stages of relationship construction are explored, with detailed discussions about the substantive facets of each stage. These analyses indicate that past generations found success in marriage, because they were more disciplined, broad-minded, and solicitous compared to the people of today. Whatever the individual aspects of a marriage situation, a foundation was established upon which a strong relationship could be built. Liberating Love is an invaluable source of ideas that can help modern men and women comprehend critical aspects of intimate relationships, for their own benefit and that of others.

Paul Dennis Sporer is the author of several books, including Dimensions of Companionship; Equal but Different; and The Concept of Family. He has also edited more than 30 culturally and historically significant books, including Painting Explained, by Thomas Gullick; Is Secession Treason?, by Albert Bledsoe; The French at Home, by Albert Rhodes; From Slave Cabin to Pulpit, by Peter Randolph; Newer Ideals of Peace, by Jane Addams; Views of Old Europe, by Bayard Taylor; Gentle Measures, by Jacob Abbott; The New Birth, by Austin Phelps; The Missionary, by Samuel Mazzuchelli; and Born Three Times, by Thomas L. Johnson.

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