Book Description

A Delightful Set of Short Stories
From a Master Storyteller

Beauty and the Beast
by Bayard Taylor

The great genre of short stories, with the unifying themes of love, faith and courage, had at one time flourished in literature. A truly underrated author, Bayard Taylor, had an exemplary ability to elucidate the good qualities in man, while humorously rejecting the ridiculous and banal. Unlike certain other writers of his generation who critiqued American culture through fiction, Taylor is never cruel, vulgar or simplistic, because he maintains a sympathetic resonance with his characters; an air of dignity is always present. The "fables" in this book are entertaining and well written, and readers will discover many layers of meaning within the plots. For example, a very touching and uplifting story is "Jacob Flint's Journey". A shy young boy living on a remote farm, Jacob suffers from the teasing other children inflict on him. He longs to do good and be respected for his talents. He reaches his low point, however, when a girl he likes rejects him most cruelly. Subsequently, his father says it is time to go on the journey of discovery Jacob has contemplated. Full of expectation and hope, he sets out, and after awhile, he stops to offer his services at a farm, where he is kindly received. At this residence, Jacob falls in love with the daughter of the farmer. After many incidents and revelations, Jacob realizes that his dreams have become reality. The other stories in the book are: Beauty and the Beast, The Strange Friend, Twin-love, The Experiences of the A. C., Friend Eli's Daughter, Miss Bartram's Trouble, and Mrs. Strongitharm's Report. These seemingly simple "fables" are ultimately a subtle and profound celebration of the human spirit.

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