Resources and Solutions

Books are a precious resource in our world. No society can call itself sophisticated that that does not strive to write, produce, preserve and distribute great books to its citizens. Anza Publishing's books are published with the intention of providing important and relevant information to all people, wherever they may be. Thus, the truth should always be accessible, so that no person who earnestly wants enlightenment will ever be hindered.

In line with this philosophy, Anza Publishing strongly supports the public library system. Although there are millions of dedicated readers in America, many people do not realize that they can obtain any book they want for free. They simply have to request it from the their public library. Yes, public libraries receive tax dollars and are obliged to fulfill the book requests they get from their patrons as best they can. If the library does not own the book, they will order it for them free of charge. Yet, most people never avail themselves of this fabulous resource.

Please examine our site, and if you do not wish to purchase a book for yourself at this time, simply contact your local public library, and request the book, giving them the ISBN, title and author. Often, this process is handled through the Reference Desk. Many libraries even have facilities to request books online. To find your library online, please use THIS LINK: simply find your state, then your town, and go to your library's website. It's that easy! Thank you for considering the books at Anza Publishing.