Social Responsibility

Anza Publishing is dedicated like no other firm to promoting culture and heritage, by producing well-written, thoughtful books that explore a wide range of perspectives. Discerning, educated readers love being able to discover important knowledge, whether it is wisdom from previous generations, or the fruits of new research. Not only are Anza Publishing's books well-written, they offer unique and intriguing conceptual positions. Moreover, the authors that we publish speak to readers with a clear, direct language, untainted by political chauvinism or marketing concerns.

We believe that a publisher needs to bring superior ideas to Western Society, and encourage constructive and reasoned debate. Thus, Anza Publishing's books are produced with the intention of contributing to the ongoing discussions concerning social, religious, and philosophical issues, by providing intelligent analysis and commentary from unique and highly capable sources. These books are spirited works whose intention is to enlighten the mind and ennoble the soul through the consideration of objective, incisive, and sometimes provocative points of view.

In all of its books, whether non-fiction, fiction, or biography, Anza Publishing wants to show the full scope of the human spirit, with the focus on the brilliant, forceful, effective, and creative. Yet, in the publishing trade, there is a lack of commitment, and even resistance, to propagating exceptional ideas. Although many works of genius have been given recognition, many more are ignored, and this situation is one that Anza Publishing has set out to rectify.