Anza Publishing is committed to excellence in all of its books; we do not publish "filler". We offer special, high quality works, that we hope will go a long way towards fulfilling the demand for great literature. In this way we strive to become the publisher of the most thought-provoking, relevant, historically and culturally significant books. We produce a wide variety of hardcover and softcover books that give real, positive meaning to the word "sophisticated". To us, a sophisticated work engages the reader's mind with its authenticity, sincerity, and objectivity.

It is common knowledge in the publishing trade that the quality of books is declining. It is no secret that publishers, whatever their size, have deliberately turned away from preserving in print the great literary heritage that has been established. Over the last two decades, the number of publishers committed to preserving our cultural heritage has dwindled. In some quarters, editors and administrators are alarmed at what they see is a "sell-out" of standards to purely financial interests, with the sacrifice of literary quality.

Consequently, the reader usually confronts an assortment of low quality books, published without concern for accuracy, authenticity, or truth, books that are often produced to tie into current popular fads. In total distinction with this approach, Anza Publishing chooses only the very finest works that genuinely contribute to our education and that have socially relevant themes; the emphasis is on depth of insight. These are books written by people of unusual background and intelligence, observers of the world who want to find the timeless essence of human nature.