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The Hopes and Plans of Ordinary People
Brought to Life in a Positive Uplifting Story

Dreams of Eden
by Amanda Douglas

A friend of Louisa May Alcott, and author of numerous books, Amanda Douglas was a popular author, who always imbued her work with strength, courage, and propriety. In Dreams of Eden, Douglas portrays something lost in today's fiction, that of domestic virtues, by giving us a very warm, good-natured success-story set in late 19th century America. The story is of a brother and sister named Adam and Eve who go to a country town "within an hour of New York," where the brother has an appointment as station-master. There they set up housekeeping in two rooms over the station; with a small sum to start on and with the maximum industry and economy, in a few years they establish themselves as important people and bring a new vitality to the surroundings. But this book is much more than the effect that two people can have on their community. Undeniably, the relationship between brother and sister is at the center of the story. Yet, the deeply intimate nature of their relationship would not be considered "conventional" by modern standards; many might suspect something impure in the highly affectionate and spouse-like devotion that brother and sister have to each other. In fact, their relationship shows the blessings of true love and altruistic motivations, independent of blood relations. Ideals concerning love, family, and culture are universally appreciated, and one aid in reaching these ideals is the study of the profoundly rich concepts of the traditional era. In the end, Dreams of Eden is a very enjoyable and uplifting story, with the most positive traits of human nature brought to life, showing how a couple can manage to rejuvenate their community, and at the same time find fulfillment through hard work, imagination, and courage

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    • Full title: Dreams of Eden, by Amanda Douglas, edited by Paul Dennis Sporer
    • Revised and Enhanced Edition
    • Imprint: Hambledon Hill Press; 280 pages
    • Format: Softcover; ; 6" x 9"; ISBN: 978-1-932490-79-4

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