Book Description

An Unusual True Story of Courage, Strength and
Conviction in the Days of American Slavery

Born Three Times
by Thomas L. Johnson

The story of the man who becomes rich is not uncommon. But it is rare to find the story of a man who rose from the very lowest rank in society, a member of a despised caste known as the chattel slave, to a position of renown, as a missionary, preacher and lecturer. Born Three Times is a truly inspiring narrative of human potential and capacity. Thomas Johnson depicts his life under slavery and his life as a free man. The great change in condition, from prisoner to world traveler, from an insignificant "nobody" to a celebrated evangelist and speaker - all this seems to be fiction, but it is absolutely true. He describes his slow steps in education. Tasks which other people conquer in childhood, such as learning the alphabet, he must deal with as an adult. Scenes of life which are taken for granted by the free-born, are challenging and unnerving to those like Johnson who had lived in bondage. Moreover, Johnson made what was at the time a very audacious decision, to move his family overseas to Britain. He believed his place was in England, a land with which he had absolutely no racial, ethnic or cultural affiliations. Thomas Johnson made these great sacrifices in order to accomplish his life mission. He sought those situations where he could most efficiently use his talents, putting aside all other considerations. Born Three Times is a testament to human resolve and free will. Johnson not only broke the physical shackles holding him back, but also the mental restraints programmed or conditioned into him through years of subjugation. Ultimately, this is a book about liberation and rebirth.

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