Book Description

A Proactive Approach to Raising Children That Places
The Roles of Mothers and Fathers in a Christian Framework

Parental Influences
by William Bacon

In this fascinating book, Pastor William Bacon attempts to cover a wide range of issues that parents must confront in helping their children become responsible Christians. Parental Influences takes the controversial position that corporeal punishment, although it should be avoided, needs to be used when children do not readily accept other forms of inducement to obey parental authority. Not everyone will agree with the premises of this work, but it does provide critical information on the justification for physical discipline. William Bacon believed in the concept of a household "absolute government"; the child must understand that ultimate law and justice rest with the parents, and disobedience by children cannot be tolerated. Consequently, Bacon does not hesitate in condemning parents who are too lazy or too weak to adequately discipline their children. To him, discipline meant taking whatever means necessary to make children conform to their parents' requests. Although harsh treatment is regrettable, Bacon also held the surprisingly modern belief in what we today would call behaviorism: the human child, like other creatures, can only attain a productive life through guidance that is clear, steadfast, and goal-orientated. The natural tendency in man is to disobey, and if his tendencies are not checked, he will fall into moral ruin. Thus, careful "conditioning" will help to produce a socially responsible and prosperous adult. Parental Influences is a provocative work that carefully and reasonably lays out its concepts, and will inform anyone who wishes to understand the underpinnings of the child-rearing strategy that advocates corporeal punishment.

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