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A Highly Influential Book on Child-rearing
Once Again Available in a New Edition

Gentle Measures
by Jacob Abbott

Jacob Abbott, highly respected educator and social activist, wrote over 200 works for and about children. Yet this amazing oeuvre has been almost entirely forgotten. His most important work, Gentle Measures, originally published in 1871, became one of the most widely-read books on parenting. This wonderful volume, out of print for many years, is now available in a new edition. It brings Abbott's insight and sympathetic consideration once again to the public, and sheds light on long-misunderstood aspects of Victorian child-rearing. Abbott's historical "location" assures us of a fresh view. His great intellect, his careful measured tones, his humanitarian concern, all come through to us today across the divide of time. Indeed, this book is part of a large store of undervalued American literature, that still has much to say to the present generation. Written by an outstanding observer of human nature, this work will give parents and teachers a new perspective on the interactions between adults and children This book contains detailed discussions on numerous and varied issues, including child temperament; overactivity; incentives; illness; allowances; and religious education. Gentle Measures recommends easily understood and practical techniques, based on a unique combination of professional practice and time-tested wisdom. Many charming but instructive stories of mothers and children are used to illustrate the points made. Gentle Measures is an inspiring and heart-warming work that will delight all that seek kindness, consideration and love in relationships.

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