Book Description

A Nobel Prize Winner Addresses the Issues of
Patriotism, Militarism, Capitalism and Ethnicity

Newer Ideals of Peace
by Jane Addams

Jane Addams was an important reformer whose work for peace, social justice and prosperity won her the Nobel Prize. She is most well-known for establishing in 1889 a reform residence called Hull House, located on the West Side of Chicago. She also supported the movement for women's suffrage and was instrumental in the founding of several key peace organizations. Her activism has become legendary, but she also wrote eleven books. Newer Ideals of Peace is perhaps her most important written work, now finally back in print in a new edition. Although originally published in 1907, it still is astonishingly relevant to our own time. In this book, Addams presents in a compelling and concise format, the problems that America faces in the interaction between industrialism, militarism and patriotism. She also discusses the dynamics of ethnicity and race, especially in an urban context. Moreover, she provides sober, realistic solutions to these difficulties. Addams' form of social concern is based solidly on Christian ethics. She tried to advocate a harmonious balance of both individualism and social obligation, obtaining her inspiration from morally centered ideologies. Jane Addams' reputation is restored to its rightful place by the reissue of this profound and far-seeing work. Newer Ideals of Peace could enlighten a new generation about the limitations and failures of modern government.

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