Book Description

A British Government Official Presents an Insightful
Analysis of Culture, Colonialism and Rebellion

The Heart of Aryavarta
by Lawrence J.L. Dundas

A masterpiece of psychological evaluation of culture, religion, patriotism and rebellion, The Heart of ¬ry‚varta is a penetrating investigation of a complex society at a critical time in its history. At the beginning of the 20th century, India's evolving nationalist movement, led by educated and cultured men such as Gandhi, was gaining strength. The British, whose colonial agencies had dominated Indian life for generations, were unable to fathom this desire for independence. Lawrence Dundas, a statesman and administrator, unlike most of his countrymen, did not contemptuously dismiss this movement, but committed himself to fully understanding the underlying economic and political factors that drove forward its systematic rejection of British rule. However, Dundas takes the discussion much further than politics. Using first-hand observation, as well as in-depth research, he articulates the positive goals of the Indian nationalists, which were founded on the idea of a return to a golden age of peace, wisdom, and fulfilment that existed before the arrival of the colonialists. Despite his position and background, Dundas demonstrates that he has a profound knowledge of the deep-seated human need for social and cultural development free from external interference. He sympathizes with the difficulties of the Indian people, and sincerely attempts to see their desire for autonomy from their perspective. The Heart of ¬ry‚varta is an excellent analysis that gives us critical information necessary for understanding the complex dynamics of colonialism and nation-building.

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